Exploring Taoism 1 - Audio

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Exploring Taoism 1 - Audio

Julie and Casey
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Introduction to Taoism 1 hour audio class as an introduction to living as a Taoist.

The focus of Audio Lesson

1) Brief introduction of Taoism

2) How to use Taoism to remove personal conflict, abuse, and find inner peace.

3) Using the Three Treasures of Taoism

Some highlights from the talk:

  • Taoism co-evolved with human society to provide a spiritual outlet for people living in cultures that become more repressive over time.

  • Taoism teaches us to work with Body, Mind, and Spirit. To balance out our nature to live a better life.

  • Taoism teaches us how to work with our stories in life.

  • Taoism teaches that spirit represents our motion and connections in life.

  • Society is a larger story maintained by our energy.

  • To be a human being is to be a living being that embraces their story over one's instincts.

  • Exploring inner peace.

  • Working with the three treasures in Taoism.

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Introduction to Taoism - 1 hour MP3 Audio File

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